Olivia Penpraze's story.



Olivia Penpraze 

Despite the fact I didn't know Olivia until it was too late, her tragic story really hit home for me. I saw her video and proceeded to read the article about her death. My heart goes out to all her family and friends today.

Olivia was 19 when she committed suicide. What was the cause? Online Bullying, which drove her on to depression and becoming bulimic. Olivia was convinced by her haters that she was not only fat and ugly but also that she didn't deserve to live. Every year Olivia would try to commit suicide on May 1st..and then this year on March 19th, she was left brain dead after a suicide attempt. Her Parents had to switch of her life support.

Her parents however did not know about Olivia's online blog which she had kept for the last couple of years; where she had posted videos, and a diary of how she was feeling. This is where the bullies left their messages for her. When Olivia Passed away, her father discovered her blog, and only then realized what had happened. 
Olivia had been bullied since 2007 and had started to self harm in Year 10. 
Her father sent out a message on Olivia's Facebook and Tumblr. telling everyone the bad news, however the sickest part is that the bullies carried on. Saying things like 'attention seeker' and 'better of dead'. 

So this is where I come in. I watched Olivia's video's. I researched her and read as many newspaper articles as I could. I found it disappointing how little there was to read online though. So, I decided to not only make a video showing how inspired I was but also to create this website. Of course, I can not bring Olivia back, however my aim is to get people to know her story and to potentially help people like Olivia who suffer from Bulimia and Depression. 

If you want to help me, to get Olivia Penprazes story get heard, then please share my video (which can be found on the 'Videos' Link above) on any social networking site! Blog about it, write a status about it, make a website, or make your friends aware Whatever you do, try to get as many people to notice her story as possible!
In the caption box below any of your shares on social networking sites, enter this:
'RIP Olivia Penpraze. You were beautiful, and your story is inspirational. We’ll all remember you Liv. I’ve never met you in real life, which is a shame because I would have been there for you and told you to stay strong. But I can’t, and you’re gone. To all of her followers and the people who care, lets pray for her. That she’ll finally be happy and in peace in whereever she is right now.' 
everyone will notice that it is for a good cause. Thank you so much.